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    • SonicSpace avatar
      7 years ago

      An amazing set of beautiful sounds, amazing drifts in-between those sonic pannels I have always loved - from shoegaze to dream-filled, even melancholic notches (dark folk/rock/ethereal pop), resembles of such bands as Cocteau Twins, Jane Siberry, Love Spiral Downwards, (even Portishead) and many others. Very beautiful accomplishment indeed.

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar
      7 years ago

      I discovered this band on Last.FM ( well actually They recommended themselves to me ! ) When I first heard Midsummer Fires I knew that this band was something special . Then the song Remains of the day. WOW ! The lyrics and vocals are exceptional and their whole style is exceptional to this genre. I have been a fan ever since. The music is very dreamy but what I like most is that it seems to draw me to some other place and time . Some of the bass lines in these tracks are just awesome mixed with guitar that almost sounds Jazzy and vocals that have some very beautiful harmonies ,This band will seduce you if you like the dreampop or chillout genres even remotely . I can't get enough of their music and am hoping they will record more music . I am hungry for more.

    • alexanderCPU avatar
      7 years ago

      I really love Blood Ruby, I think they just have a good thing going. Bass player stays active, guitars are well blended,solid percussion, and a vocalist who occasionally sings flat, and it actually works for the overall balance.

    • Cypherstorm avatar
      8 years ago

      Eine wundervolle Stimme, exzellente Musik. Da träumt man glatt vom Träumen! :) --- Wonderful voice, excellent music! You begin dreaming of dreaming!

    • xiberia avatar
      8 years ago

      Du chorus, du delay, des voix qui s'entremêlent... Oui, c'est bien chanté, oui, c'est envoutant, suave, doux et délicieusement mélancolique. Sauf que Cocteau Twins l'a fait bien avant eux et mieux qu'eux. Si vous êtes fan de ce groupe, écoutez Cocteau Twins, vous saurez de quoi je parle. Sur cet album ça se sent moins que sur le précédent... Si, de singes des Cocteaux Twins ils devenaient leurs enfants spirituels, s'émancipant sans renier leurs racines, là, je commencerais à trouver un intérêt à les écouter. Ce groupe a un potentiel certain, mais je préfère attendre de voir comment ils évolueront avant de me faire un jugement définitif. Pour l'instant, c'est du sous-Cocteau Twins.