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MOODS Jamendo Music album cover
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    • unclescrooge avatar
      6 years ago

      Cribbio! E' da mezz' ora che ci sto provando, sondando gli album taggati jazz... e questo è il primo che mi soddisfa! Questo sì che è INEQUIVOCABILMENTE... JAZZ! PS: grande guitar! Certo con quell' aria alla Mc Laughlin ti dai un bel peso... ma ti si addice!

    • lino del vecchio avatar
      6 years ago

      Un sapore immortale. Note leggere ed accattivanti. Belle strutture armoniche. Bravo e bravi tutti della band.

    • angus65 avatar
      7 years ago

      Bravi a tutti i musicisti di quest'album. complimenti.

    • .giupa avatar
      7 years ago

      suoni e melodie da grande jazzista

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Moods', is as simple and basic at it comes: a collection of gentle, instrumental, Soft Jazz tracks. Electric Piano/Organ, Electric Guitar(Non-Rock/Pop Style). Drum kit, Wire Brush, Cymbals. Trumpet(Muted)and String Bass conspire to make some of the 'warmest' Jazz on Jamendo. I think this is due to the heavy use of Electric Organ and Piano. The distinctive tones generated by these instruments have a uniquely non sharp edged character and when combined with equally moderated electric guitar the end result is a mellow and comfortable experience. This album is a dream come true for lovers of Ambiance: golden glow of candles, wood paneled decor trimmed with velvet accents and bathed in soft music. Track #3. 'Recordame', is very likely a piece that you'll recognize as a song that you've often heard but never knew the name in such a dimly lit environment. Track #2. 'Cry Me a River' is fairly well known Jazz standard(often sung) but in this instance is rendered in a silken and delicate fashion. A smooth album for quiet time awaits.