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    • airheart05 avatar

      Solid as per usual, and always puts a smile on my face. thanks for sharing Mr. Onac, you're a trademark

    • zephiria67 avatar

      Superbe alchimie entre les percussions et le saxo et les cuivres. Ambiance magique, Un groove génial. Merci pour le partage, je suis fan.

    • orangeupurple avatar

      I loved the percussion in the intro to "apprehension." It was very energetic and powerful leading into the lovely jazzy piece which added some gorgeous saxophone. There was lots of outstanding percussion in these songs .. .. .. every one of them.. The percussion is what makes these songs stand out the most I think . . . they just lead into the songs so wonderfully and so creatively - but then these jazzy creations shine well on their own . . . very nicely composed and with a very, very clear and professional sound. I liked "retour" which started out with some very nice energized strings and led into something like xylophone and percussion developing, lifting up and engaging the listener . . . that one was quite nice. But, I must say that I loved this entire album, it brightened my spirits and added more sparkle to my sunny day . . .

    • san064 avatar
      @ wrote

      pas forcément nouvelle mais toujours bénéfique jazz frais, réchauffé par les percussions, superbes mélodies et solos des cuivres, Album vrai, actuel et de bon goût ! Belle surprise sur "Feu de camp" Merci et bravo !

    • minette88 avatar

      J'ai beaucoup aimé "Dans la brousse", ainsi que "feu de camp", avec ses sons très suggestifs. Voici un album que l'on prend plaisir à écouter car il vous mène sur des sentiers nouveaux, que l'on a envie d'emprunter. Merci pour cette écoute savoureuse.