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    • 6 years ago

      super musique rien que du très bon Profeciat Steven

    • 8 years ago

      I love this album. Calm, relaxing and variety . Very beautiful voice, very good sounds. I am charming. Thank you for your sharing

    • 8 years ago

      Such pretty female vocals . . . lovely mix of music genres, all dwelling very nicely on this album with an excellent flow from song to song . . . gorgeous . . . appealing . . . energizing and relaxing. What a sweet voice that Kate Walsh has to beguile us with the remarkable lyrics from the beautiful "Good Morning" and "Still Waters." These were the only two songs out of twenty that she appeared in . . .I am hoping to hear more from her. The other songs were gorgeous, many of them were dance tunes, the one which I became so wrapped up in was one of my favorites, "Devil Dance." The percussion was the driving force for that tune. Another favorite was "Crossing The River" which was passionate and delicate with a beautiful flute halfway through . . . gorgeous! And loved the strange vocals in "Inside the Game Level3" so unique and ear catching . . . a sort of chill. Over all a lovely album, worth several listens . . . I found it was wonderful background music for my work on the computer as it was energizing, but not annoyingly intrusive and yet not so relaxing I have to fight to stay awake. . . perfect for my day.