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Instrumental (new version)

Mike Trimens
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    • 7 years ago

      j'aime beaucoup les deux premiers morceaux. le premier me donne l'impression de " déjà entendu" sans que je puisse le relier à quelque chose...Le second m'a vraiment intéressée. Il ne lui manque qu'un scénario de film!

    • 8 years ago

      Le morceau au piano, "Dreaming" est prometteur et agréable à écouter. Je suis moins convaincue par les autres morceaux.

    • 8 years ago

      "dreaming" This piano instrumental piece had quite a familiar sound with its rambling melody. The pauses and calmness also had a very reflective feel to it. "life is simple" A good broad slow paced sound with bass, percussion string and wind instruments setting the style. The calm string based melody was occasionally punctuated with brass phases. "Like a horse" A Rock based style with fast percussion and guitars calling, were quite unexpected on this collection. However, the music was good, though the sound quality could have been better. "romantic doom" This percussion electric based piece had a slow pace. The keyboard lead melody was steady and the choir-like sampled voices were subtle. A very good and varied collection of music. It's difficult to think that all these different styles could come from the same artist. A great variety of excellent styles.