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      Encore un passage et surtout un arrêt sur une découverte très intéressante,je me méfis un peu des recherches vertigineuses et "musicales-numériques" , mais je dois avouer que quand on prend le temps d'écouter cette ambiance, on sort des laboratoires spontanés et musicalement creux pour pénétrer dans la poésie des sons. merci pour ce mélange d'artistes et de sonorités très réussi. (Merci Ivan1984 pour l'info, au début, je me suis dit qu'est ce encore que ce puis après, merci pour m'avoir orienté sur une autre dimension musicale et audible pour moi...)

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Excellent intro, a very nice start, love that bass noise. Then, floating into Melkiose, a musical mine of jewels of sound, sonic reverberations from the depths of this paradise. PichuB clatters it's way into being, breathing waves of ghostly energy all over you, something dark lurking in the background, until the presence becomes an incessant throbbing of the atmosphere. It starts to dissipate and other retrieving calls echo around. Then, in comes Rezbird, whirls of shadow, deep rumbling joins the throng, a parade of freaks make their way by you, sourly regulated in its own intractable manner they go on and on... the drumbeat of demons, the clanging reins of monstrous beasts of burden and suffering! Demonwind sets you on edge immediately, what hellish ullulations have been invoked here in this space and time? Giant, etheric entities ooze by coldly in the space between here and there, making you freeze to the marrow. Next Panatem, seems at first a change of tone but suddenly, there's that sense of foreboding creeping in, then dissipating at the chanting of an unspeakable mantra, until it begins to unfold into a lighter aetheric level. Ending where you began... lost in the forest? Then Zugnamor descends with scintillating wings of leathery skin and speaks in unknown tongues to the stupified listener. Before you dreams of paradise begin to return, glimpses of the beauty of Eden, with whispers of the darker beauty below. Then out you go, through the trees, back to reality. The bonus track recalls your optimism for life, there could still be hope? I really enjoyed this one KraftiM, thanks again!-)

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      Great sounds, worth to download it.

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      I love everything of this album. Pads, beats, mood and production. You have grown a lot since your earlier works. You know from our chatsessions how much I like it and how many times I play it when working with the brain. It is brainmusic with a mellowed out halapino beat pepper added;-). Awesome shizzam in my brainvain.

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      @ wrote

      your music take me in to space,and yet deep in myself. thanks for your sound love and hug BoSar