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TabLiv: The Vermont Tapes

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    • kitkat67 avatar

      relaxed hip hop- not bad at all- needs a bit more highlights so...but still good to listen to

    • Lhaastdaiz avatar

      I like it!

    • cacum3 avatar
      @ wrote

      This album sounds like normal 100% rap. Nothing more nothing less. I like it, especially rap music is not my number one. Guys keep this level. I will come back to your sounds with pleasure every time.

    • hard2get205 avatar

      This album is good,I enjoyed the relaxed feel of the album, as tho i was back in my 64 relaxing with my buddies cruising down the gut scoping out chicks.

    • MrHat avatar
      @ wrote

      My daily commute is quite long and it always helps to cruise along to a good album with a consistent flow on those hot-ass days with the window down. Love the beats and rhymes.