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    • 5 years ago

      This album is really fantastic! I can't stop listening to it. Really refreshing, like a hug of the winds. My curiosity was led to other spaces, in the name of creativity. Stunning! Great job, you geniuses! Congratulations from Italy!

    • 10 years ago

      Really interesting, fresh and creative. words of admiration.

    • 10 years ago

      great experimental music, i liked the first three themes more than the rest, but i really liked more the first song: "imposters of memory" i thinked is called. please return my review, doing a review of my music thanks

    • 10 years ago

      original and fresh, I found this album exciting to listen to. It's hard to imagine how this would play live (I'd be interested to find out!). The composition is clever however sometimes I think it tries to be too clever and looses it emotional appeal. In particular the phrases that are repeated over and over towards the end of some songs are not interesting enough for repetition. The refrains are cool, but the repeated samples are annoying. I really enjoyed My Sister's Getting Married until the "I don't have a sister to spare" bit. The words lack the gravity that the song seems to assume of them. Democracy in America rocks is wonderfully energetically discordant. This song is a microcosm for all the best qualities of this album, I suggest you give it a listen!

    • 11 years ago

      Démarche innovante ,experimentale par son combiné voix récupérées et fond sonore. Tout cela crée une ambiance étonnante,curieuse;on se prend à écouter attentiuvement les conversations telephoniques. Leaf est superbe A découvrir pour l'approche originale dans le domaine musicale Thanks