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    • 9 years ago

      I'm a huge music nerd with a collection of over 80GB, and this is some of the very best if not the best music I've ever heard. It's an all too rare blend of industrial experimentalism and accessibility. That is, it's highly experimental but not too demanding of the listener, because it includes great rhythms and highly memorable choruses which are catchy and engaging enough even for radio play. This music is highly emotional and cinematic with complex, lovingly crafted rhythms and detailed atmospheric soundscapes. The best tracks: Union and Hope (amazing!) The Peaceful Swear Union and Hope is a very beautiful track with a great brass hook. Swear is a very sonically inspired but driven track with another great brass hook. The Peaceful has a fantastic chorus. Other tracks: Macbeth is an enjoyable bit of experimentation that relies on a sample of what sounds like a children's or female choir counting in German. The entire track is this sample cut up and blended with industrial beats. Inc. is probably the worst track on the album. It's not bad, but it's not my thing. It's just strange, eerie alien sounds and a slowly developing industrial rhythm. The intro serves its purpose well but it's not really something to listen to by itself. Higher is quite nice and anthemic but not a favourite. It's probably the simplest and most straightfoward song on the album and is a fairly sad and slightly creepy thing that mainly repeats an average vocal line. Into Sugar isn't as good as the other English reviewer on here makes out. It's still a great track, but not as good as the others that I've pointed out. Anyway, I can't wait until Enemies of Enormity release something else.

    • 10 years ago

      This album can't be specified in one music genre, which is good. I give you 9 points. Just for one track. into sugar. "I AM THE HUNTER, YOU ARE THE HUNTED, I AM THE HUNTED, YOU ARE THE HUNTER" It just keeps playing in my head! paranoid!! but the album features a lot of weird parts which are offbeat, at some points that sounds cool but not always. that's where you lost the one point. but really good job, if there will be a new album i'll surely get it.

    • 11 years ago

      Excellent !!! "Ca dégage les cages à miel !" an "unwholesome" atmosphere tinged with melancholie Very nice work - I really do like ALL tracks :) I don't agry with Jamengod, sorry. MacBeth: "es errinert mich an ... Ja ! 1 2 3, du bist frei, 4 5 6 kleine Hex'..." Die kleine Hexe! Ghosts lost in woods - Pure Electro-Dark :) Splitting the singing to create a new beat slice is a nice idea Would be marvellous as movies' soundratcks This one or other projects :)

    • 11 years ago

      I've listened to this album 3 times now and it draws me in more each time. The first time I listened, it was a bit loud for my taste, but intriguing enough to make me want to listen a second time. The second time I listened, I thought "This isn't really what I want to listen to while I work, but it really should be used in a movie or something." Today I'm listening for the third time (yup, while I'm working) and I'm saying to myself: --I like the energy --I like the piano in "peaceful" and the driving rock drum refrain it leads into, and I need to listen harder to catch the lyrics --I like the children's(?) voices in "macbeth"; the way they get clipped and remixed is kind of interesting, but I'm not sure it's completely successful for me in the middle section, but then it works again as it progresses into the more multi-layered part with the synthesized drum(?) beat --I love the brass in "swear" and "union and hope" --I like the lyrics and voice in "into sugar" ("I am the hunter, you are the hunted...") but wish they weren't made so explicitly clear at the end. That seemed a bit heavy-handed. --Nice water sounds in "inc." Thanks for an interesting album with a lot of energy, some very pretty parts and enough to keep me coming back to listen again.

    • 11 years ago

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