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      I think, in a wider sense, this album bears testimony to the espoused philosophy and how the commons remains sustainable. I'm on the sidelines egging people on in my own way trying to make things better, but I use words, and inflexion, whilst the artist employs music to serve their own various ends. The important word to me is 'experimental'. What I hope to find is just that, a pushing of boundaries, limits, extents of what is or is not tolerable within the further generalisation of being 'techno' (and ultimately the rest as well, but you haven't got all day). Anyway, put them together and I'm very ready to listen. What I believe I hear, are some very nice, amenable combinations of sound and rhythm, and perhaps that magic element of spirit. Soul in other words, created almost for the sake of being able to do it. It's like Christmas, done for the joy of giving. The first track is a good one to start with, lovely intonation and strength of rhythm. And this is purported to be experimental. A nice gentle track for the most part, quite minimalist. Lovely langorous strides are taken in Affraid, very easy going but with a nice buzz to it and a lovely resonance in places, it builds into a chorus of noises that seem so well placed. Cool Kiss is just that, a cool kiss!-) Light, airy with a smattering of delectable substance to it, like a ghost walking past. Estravaganza booms and resonates, temple-like. Then, it is joined by the track that slots in perfectly, without detracting from that initial impression, overall neatly done with a quiet confidence perhaps? It really is a mini-adventure! HardToBelieve I actually want to live up to it's name, and it is in a sense that something so minimalist in the right combination can pack quite a punch. There's a lovely warm bass feel to the following track, and it's almost quite melodically jolly but with a curious twist in there, that seems to fit curiously well. Some lovely touches in Last Hour, very nicely composed. Les Ratures is slightly and wonderfully off kilter, really adds spice to the flavour of the track, I think. Libre is exquisite electronica. And, it keeps getting better with Number 56, which is nice and bold. And the rest of the album unfolds into equally good experimental work, and I think I could have been more simplistic in verbosity, like NSN said 'bellissime composizioni'. For a premiere, it's fantastic. Nice work 538!-)