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Sousaku Can - Selected Works 2001-2005

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    • 509 avatar
      8 years ago

      ambient pop dub techno funk synth glitch polyrhythm electric noise ... 10 tags for 13 tracks. Nice ratio ; ) "with wide variation of tracks" says the description. To me this album looks like Grünemusik is searching for his tag, and those findings, foundlings on his way to it are in a pilot stage. The tracks, the melodies, everything without a doubt showing great potential, simplicity gives distinction to the tracks, but almost none of the tracks left me with the impression that it had come to an end satisfyingly. Still, chilling easy "Departure" and "Departure Fragmented Dub" on its own are well worth listening. Dark ambient "Sound Textures #1" on top makes my three favorites. Maybe i'm missing the state of mind necessary to find an approach to "Krautrocker" and "Krautrocker Lovers Dub". But anyway, let's better do not talk about it please? Track 4 "Birds Registry" comes along with i'd guess japanese character. Sounding more like Grünewald (I don't say he couldn't own other styles too ^^). When he focuses on a theme it can turn into convincing results like "Click Click Single" Give your uncut diamonds a cut and everything will be fine ^^ Sunny greetings and thanks for sharing!

    • 2323 avatar
      9 years ago

      Doskonała muzyka, doskonale zagrana.

    • KraftiM avatar
      11 years ago

      Great fresh electro, and also birds will love it. Dubby style gives a relaxed swing. Nice more experimental stuff like in A Machine Sinking and Sound textures. So You Dance is sheer fun. Also the use of the "childish" voices brings a smile. My german friends might like the japanese krauttouch. In short a versatile album, many styles to bring nice moments of electrofun. With a little more production and free floating of the songs it could sound even more organic. Enough stuff to move on experimenting.

    • windzug avatar
      11 years ago

      Bei Covern mit derart kindlich kitschigen Motiven reitet mich sogleich die Hoffnung, dass die Musik eine ähnlich verspielte und leichtlebige Prägung hat. Auf dieses Machwerk trifft dies aber nur sehr bedingt zu Es erwartet einen eine Mischung aus (meist spartanischer) Ambient-Arrangements und einigen melodischen Tracks Während ich bei Stücken wie „Dealy Lines“ die Einfachheit und den fast schon asketischen Euinsatz von Instrumenten gelungen finde, wird in andere Tracks für mein Gefühl einfach zu wenig an Klängen und Instrumenten (also an Eindrücken) geboten Insgesamt ist es eine gute Arbeit! PS: "Day-Night" mag ich sehr