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Unity Cycle, 2002

Doug Rice
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    • 8 years ago

      Doug Rice has chosen to unleash his latest and greatest... THE UNITY CYCLE. (say it with pumped fist!) Spirituality demanding and defining music. If you have heard his other albums, then you have gone on a journey bar none. Once again Doug offers us a door to a mostly spiritual place, where the message has always been that the spiritual experience can apply to any situation, big or small. Listening to his music is like going to church. You don't have to worry about living up to the importance of the moment; the appropriate atmosphere has been provided. THERE IS SOME OF EVERYTHING AND SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE ON THIS ALBUM. 1 ONE LIFE Listen to the percussion Keyboard tone sounds almost French horn like. Do I hear chimes? Strong song, has alota "chunk" to it. 2 ANGELIQUE Soft acoustic beauty, emotional, melancholy, maybe sad. Goes right to the heart. 3 STORM COMING Rock On Daddy… My God...Doug is playing leads.... You could open a set with this one. Drums would be awesome live. What a minute! Where am I? A snippet of a storm sounds familiar. But what the heck. It's all connected. 4 OLD MELODY Wait, I think I hear a familiar melody Why, that's just what it is when I get around to looking at the song titles. There are those Doug harmonies that sound so familiar and good There’s that lead guitar again Hey, This song is getting heavy This is where I start to think this album is something else. Wait! Is this a Christmas song? 5 SHINE Yeah...Great Riff... My feet start to tap. My legs go crazy. Hey, this song rocks and rolls too. This is great stuff. It’s a hit! 6 ALONE TOGETHER Rides up and down like a roller coaster Timeless dance to the energy Could be the single… (Or maybe I'm dreaming.) 7 CONTRADICTIONS Serious stuff. Hard stuff. The truth hurts. Face It. I become what I condemn! Whew!! Patience of a Sadist?!? Blunt says, "Deal With It! Live It. Learn to Love It!" This piece is the show-stopper! 8 WAITING See my comments above for “Angelique” This message is also serious and hard. 9 THE EVERYWHERE Ahh, The search for redemption again. Doug always goes looking Look, there it is...In the Everywhere. 10 MORNING Listen to that guitar Well, I think I hear a familiar riff (‘s) Zeppelin Lives!! And after all that searching and traveling, we wake up the next day again, one more try, one more chance, one more card to play. 11 MY FRIEND Classic Doug Rice. The comfort of familiarity carries us to the end. There’s sadness and loss in the transition, but in the next life… Have fun my friend….and good luck. THIS IS A BREAKOUT ALBUM! What is an album? Just a collection of songs? Or can the sum sometimes be greater than the parts? 11 songs. Eleven chances to go different places. Beautifully crafted songs that define all aspects of Doug's multiple talents. The writing and arranging cover all the bases and the production hits another high! Some pieces just soar; "Storm Coming" and "Shine" are but two examples. "Alone Together" really rings my chimes. I can't pick out favorites, because it's all good. It absolutely could be a commercial release just as it is. If there was any justice in the world, Doug would have a multi-million dollar record deal and be world famous. But the record industry is one of the few businesses on earth that does not reward talent and effort. So let's forget the business and focus on the art. The artist loves all his art equally, but inevitably some of his work is recognized as outstanding, even above and beyond the usual high quality. This is perhaps the best ever; a standout in the Doug Rice cataloge for its wholeness. A RECORD LIKE THIS REDEFINES AND REESTABLISHES ALL OF THE ARTIST. It does it for me. ***** Five Stars. Al(Runtime)Cooke (2003)