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      Eigentlich wäre viele Stücke für ein Nachtlokal geeignet. Wenn da nicht bei jedem Stück ein ewig langes Intro und ein kaum hörbares Ende wäre. Das stört sehr, wenn es plötzlich leise ist und jeder hört, was man sagt. Auch für zuhause ist das ungeeignet. Es verdirbt einfach die Stimmung, wenn man flüstern muss. In fact, many pieces would be suitable for a nightclub. If it had since not every piece of an extremely long intro and a barely audible over. This is very disturbing when it is suddenly quiet and everyone hears what they say. Also for the home is unsuitable. It just spoils the mood when you have to whisper.

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      you're just the best since a lot of month...(maybe more), I listen only your song,,,, you know what... Im just jalous..... I'd put my album too on jamendo...(orange juice in the bed)... but nothing compares to you... I m just your padawan.... please continue,,,,,,

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      I like the thrusting rhythms of Into the Future. The previous reviewer is unnecessarily critical of MLK which i like. Andrea's music has a thick, tribal element which is refreshing in house music.

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      Diferente al "New Land"...este álbum de Andrea Barone es mas cosmopolita..son sonidos propios de una gran ciudad...pero lo que más me gusta de este albúm a diferencia del "New Land", es que son sonidos más sensuales. Me encanta la portada..resume en una imagen lo que encontramos detrás de ella en las pistas del álbum..los sonidos de una ciudad que comienza a soñar....

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      mlk has been done like that before...third and fourth tracks worth checking out