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    • 8 years ago

      This is a very nice, easy listening, ambient song: "Things I can't remember (parts 1-13) put together in several parts. . . its a very nice listen as a whole, and is actually quite beautiful. I thought that some of the parts were very emotional as I listened and then I looked at the names for all those parts and realized that this was an epic, a long story, a typical adventure tale . . . a life. . . Beautiful and Stunning. I especially loved track 2 which began with some drums and progressed on to a dreamy voice and bells . . . which felt mystical and was so pretty. The composition and the usage of instruments was so skillfully done as to create a seamless flow in the nearly 28 minutes for this particular song . . . The rest of the songs were gorgeous and fit together so well on the album that there were never any jarring moments. This artist has talent to create beautiful music; music that fits a story, a movie, a picture, an epic, a drama, a poem. This music captures your soul and takes you to places far away, and fills your heart with emotion, and your brain with imagination. This album is an exciting listen which can be used as relaxation or as background music for your life . . . or as music for a video or movie. M^^W