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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      [just a note: Everything I've wrote within review of album Kompositsia I applies to all Kompositsia series, so for overall characteristics refer there. I tend to think of Kompositsia like it was one multi-disk album.] The third album in series. More energetic and more of classic genre setting than the previous one. Yet again we have here elaborate, carefully layered arranges, pushing uses of instruments not always found in blues bands, which finds its culmination in the final tune, Obsession in blue -- great excursion into progressive rock, an instrumental overture that made me almost cry the first time, I've heard it. Almost impossible thing achieved: so massive, and yet seeming lightweight with all that "garage band" feeling. Not that I liked other tunes any less, the album is nice to listen (though my wife can't stand Avi's voice, yet taste is not disputable). Again, eight starts [++++++--], it must be great to hear them in concert.

    • ElephantBoy avatar
      7 years ago

      This is a pretty good album, to say the least. It has a clean sound; some people get that funky-techno thing going on that you couldn't, reasonably, translate into a live performance, but I could see you and your band performing in front of a live audience. It sounds real, you could say- no dishonesty here. Also, I like the album art. It's a modest, colorful piece, just like the music comes off to me. The only issue I had was the language. If I understood what was being said, I'm sure I would appreciate the music more than I already do. If it's not too much trouble, could you perhaps send me the English lyrics for a few of the songs in a message? I would really appreciate a better understanding of some of these songs.

    • lady-t avatar
      7 years ago

      I'm not a great fan of rock music, but this album is definitely good. Nice music, quite dynamic, good choice of instruments. What is also admirable is that all songs are quite different, which is seldom to be found in rock music albums. And I've always liked how Hebrew sounds.

    • lystor avatar
      7 years ago

      Perfect album!

    • fabionik avatar
      7 years ago

      davvero molto bello !