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    • 8 years ago

      Well, I thought I would listen to some improvisational piano .. .. .. Mostly because I was craving the sound of the piano. Some of the albums I listened to, well . . . they weren't to bad. But I enjoyed this one for several reasons . . . First of all it had a nice presentation with a lovely album cover and enticing titles. Listening to the music was easy . . . it was quickly noticed, by this listener, that this musician is passionate about her piano . . . and her fingers are most easy and happy at gliding and dancing on the keys, and she uses different speeds, hard and light touches and spaces to create a nicely textured musical painting . . . She is able to pull together some lovely, easy listening tunes. This album was like listening to your young musically ambitious and talented friend share some of her skills. This was a lovely and enchanting share for Jamendo, thank you. M^^W PEACE