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Black light 'the outtakes' Jamendo Music album cover
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    • 3 years ago

      Bonjour à toi , je ne pouvais plus me connecté cela fait plaisir de pouvoir réécouté ta musique amicalement Bruno

    • 6 years ago

      tout simplement genial

    • 8 years ago

      C'est du bon travail!

    • 8 years ago


    • 8 years ago

      "Black Light The Outtakes', is not a 5 minute wonder. It is lengthy and contains a variety of styles. Synthesized orchestration that mimics acoustic strings, woodwinds and etc combined with intentional futuristic synth voices form the foundation for most of the tracks--example Track #10. 'Rainbow Edit'. Percussion(acoustic and digital) and semi Hip-Hop voice samples(example Track #9. 'Prince of the Sun')as well as more typical male & females lead vocals are featured in other songs. Superficially, 'Black Light' bears some similarity to other Jamendo Artists such as, Terrafusion, Pablo Masia and Synthuarion. These artists also have published collections of long length Trance-Amibient albums which also featured Crossover works but Spisfire's work stands apart mainly due to unique vocals and outstanding percussion. The vocalizations do not follow a predictable pattern and are may be fused with tracks that start with a Trance Sound that morphs into Semi R & B then double backs on itself into either Electronica Ambiance or even Classically inspired. In the final analysis the album is a musical grab bag of great enjoyment.