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    • ivandimarco avatar
      6 years ago

      Good dubstep! Nice job!

    • EphedrinaNetlabel avatar
      7 years ago

      IT IS A REALLY TRIP!!!..good maN.... from ROME!!!

    • dishitu avatar
      7 years ago

      Direct comparison with 'Revenge of the 303': I find 'Turn up the 303' comes off darker than 'Revenge of the 303', (or better say appears darker to me on first listen), in general there is a basic athmospherical difference adding to the different production standards and levels of professionalism involved. The Perfect medium for 'Revenge of the 303' might be vinyl actually. On 'Revenge of the 303' back then when I heard it first time I remember I could hear more of the personal production environment which can be a highly appreciable thing, you know like the warmth of a home, the comfiness of toying around with your instruments and setting up the mixing, which I found great back then and still do find it great after all. That type of production allowed a lot of a diving into the musician's joy with the gear and composition and mixing processes. I didn't miss loudness at all and still do not, the thing with headroom and squishing the peaks is when the product is less squished and you turn it up louder you get to hear more of the actual production environment of the initial recording which can be a great thing really, I enjoyed and appreciated that a lot to be honest. A lot because it was done well and it sounds good or great even. 'Turn up the 303' sounds like totally hitting the CD and FM industry standards soundwise, which is of course nice when you burn it to disc or have a lossless copy, some steps involved in that style of production just work really well on disc, like for instance things like dithering are probably unknown to many hobby producers. I've been messing with getting my music to sound a bit more like industry standard production had been used on it, headed towards CD medium, quite a hassle without having the actual gear.. so if you were aiming for that sound I wanna say Big Congrats, it absolutely hits that edge and performs great that way in my opinion, loudness is absolutely alright too. I would generally say, having some appreciation for the way industry gets music to sound if it is well done, which is totally the case in your work, the same is true for non-industrially-standardized work, great if well done and suiting the athmosphere. The resulting athmosphere of a product that follows industry standards can have from little to a lot variation to the underlying atmosphere of the music itself as well as a alteration of the sound of the initial working and production environment. The industry sound standardizes for getting the hopefully most appreciable output on most devices, players, speakers, mediums, standardization process can enhance the initial athmosphere just like it can technically cripple it, just like a poor or bad production can cripple the athmosphere and artistic intention of a product, so all this is a bit of a two-edged sword in general. Overall it's too hard to say which production I prefer over another in general, actually both are well done and I would say in general when music is done well the decision of preference of production type is a bit down to mood and what I feel like diving into, setting up mixing environment or audibility of composition techniques like velocities compressor settings tweaks on the knobs mastering setup and so on or the pure outcome of the music and sound and how it effects the mind body nerves psyche soul. All these things and more come out somewhat different due to productions in general, and on both of these productions of yours one gets to hear some things which you don't get to hear on the other one, some accents or aspects would have their most desirable effects in certain parts of production at certain times in certain moods with certain gear with certain settings, and sometimes a listener might not even want the most desirable effects for different reasons, mostly because they stamp and imprint into the brain and because hearing anything repeatedly causes fatigue so I think it is all a bit down to momentary preferences. I think both are great works with joyful and proffesional impact and the whole issue, without any attempt of talking it down into some kind of meaninglessness, is deep but it surely isn't that bit of loudness difference which matters to me as a listener, yes the loudness does contribute to the sound and on generally furthermore standardizing radio stations it might be a bigger issue, which leaves to wonder which processing they would add and how it would reshape your sound, I think it would be down to that and the other music with which yours would have to blend how good yours is being perceived, as far as I know there are stations that play both kinds of productions and other types of production too, on the very marketing side the effort of standardized production was for sure worth it and your work does for sure meet the requirements of marketed music. Mind you I don't listen that much to radio and am no professional engineer for real and I haven't had a Vinyl record player myself for a long time, but I know there were even different masterings of certain music done specifically enhanced for the different media to be played on, Mp3 Vinyl CD or Radio, I'm no expert but I would say you've hit that spot that sounds good on all media standards which is quite worth something. Professionals as well as hobbyists and learning enthusiasts should enjoy both production types really, because it is well done, as a producer I like the pondering about these issues to quite some degree, what counts most after all though I think is whether your music is being perceived positively and that is definately the case on my end and I can imagine enjoying your work in other conditions and environments than in which I've auditioned so far, would like it on disc radio live or in the studio with all the fiddling even. Funnily in the midst of listening to both and thinking through the production concepts it left me curious what each album would sound like with the production of the other album. So after all I can only say I'm glad you delivered some personal style with variety headroom of thought and most importantly enthusiasm and passion for music and production and the will to work it out. :) Peace

    • bizun_ avatar
      7 years ago

      This EP surprised me. In Positive means: Quite short, all tracks just snapshots of concept for longer loops, but all kept in the same BPM setting -- I guess, for easier DJ-ing. And where I thought, that everything hat has a TB-303 in it must be boring and secondary -- this little compilation proved to be different. Although 303 is not really clever machine, sounds thin, but the sound is distinct and readily recognizable. And there is much more one can stress out of single oscillator, single VCF and decay-only envelope. Yet, even if the album is not really my kind of music, it has drawn my attention to listen to it more than once, and it always counts for plus. I can't complain about lack of hummable tune, because this area of music creativity is inherently deprived of such thing. But this is compensated by lots and really lots of sound experiment. Of course -- all the WC Olo Garb fans from U-Tube will complain, that the author is not squeezing all of the Novation/Nova keyboard, but the hero of this (and the previous one) release is the TB. And great thanks, that the use of 303 is not limited to just whistling the filter resonance, as others too often do. A star extra for showing, that TB can be also a solo/lead instrument (for the record a VST plugin was used, I wonder, if 303 can be played with CV/Gate external keyboard in hardware?). All in all eight stars -- for innovation, great ideas and perfect realization. I'd like to hear this mixed live on club stage.

    • staboslaw avatar
      7 years ago

      Rastaman, Kraftwerk, Electronicly - my favs :) Greets from Poland!