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The Human Element

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    • PrinceRupert avatar

      Nice music, sweet vocals, mixing and variety of styles, mood of 80s - these are components of your good album! And three songs have touched me very deep: Life Is a Dream (This Naive Spell), Without You With Me and I Lie Alone. Album also has funny cover. Thank you!

    • Francois BONNE avatar

      de la musique pop comme j'aimerais en écouter plus souvent. Des mélodies à tomber, des breaks toujours étonnants, une grande voix, des arrangements variés De la pop progressive, ce n'est pas si courant. Si vous aimez, découvrez en urgence l'album "silence" des suédois de ACT, l'univers musical est assez proche Bravo Martin pour cet album original et surprenant !

    • roberto daglio avatar

      I begin by saying that I am pleasantly surprised by the excellent "version pop" of Mawr, I am also amazed by the incredible voice and the harmonies of the chorus, the song quality is very high and the variety of genres and compositions increases the estimate (which also had already) in this artist, just add a special mention for the beautiful guitar's and good recordings compliments Mawr... an exceptional album!

    • OutSound avatar

      Grande qualité musicale. Merci pour nos oreilles !

    • lasertracks avatar

      This is a good album. Non comercial compositions with a great voice!