When Rainbows Fall Jamendo Music album cover

When Rainbows Fall

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      http://orangeupurple.blogspot.com/2011/06/when-love-is-lost.html I always ran to where it was brightest seeking love and joy . . . I knew that there was warmth and companionship . . . above the heights of the storm and away from the deepest sea . . I looked for love to find me . . I looked the most for thee . . and I did so adore you I loved you most of all . . . above the heights of the storm and away from the deepest sea . . . where ever there were rainbows the rainbows they must fall I knew if I could but catch them and hold them safe in my heart . . . I could keep one forever . . and never see it depart . . . and though the storms must come and tear my love to shreds . . . I still seek that rainbow that dances alone on the ragged cliffs above the heights of the storm and way from the deepest sea . . for "When Rainbows Fall" Then rainbows they must fall . . .

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      This is good piano . . . uplifting, nicely composed and played. These tunes were given beautiful titles. I sensed a lot of delicate poetry and refined emotion emanating from those keys and they filled my air spaces with sweet loveliness and comfort. I was carried along by these gorgeous melodies and enjoyed them as I worked . . . I think this album is great for dinner or an evening's relaxation . . .