Sindicate Jamendo Music album cover


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    • The_Plague avatar

      Exellent, you really have great potential :) But 4 songs... BUT 4 good songs !

    • FRIMMELjoe avatar

      Great Metal Album,the Songs remind me in part to Dimmu Borgir,really good Dark/Symphonic Black Metal,thx!

    • NocturneKing avatar

      Great nasty aggressive music,I'm glad i found it :) Keep up the great work m/

    • sam333 avatar
      @ wrote

      lleno de potencia y agresion uno de mis favoritos

    • Dropdeadfred avatar

      I was a little worried when I heard the first release from this Demo and was not blown away. On the other hand the Demo on a whole is very very GOOD!! As I have stated before they are much better then a bunch of groups with labels. TIGHT and NASTY,Just the way I like it!! So looks like you won the cigar after all!!!