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A. Scriabin - Étude Op. 2 No. 1

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      Great piano étude by Alexander Scriabin. I don't have any musical education, so I can't professionally judge the interpretation, but for my amateurish ear it is perfect.

    • brendaclews avatar

      I cannot believe he was so young when he wrote this score, Étude Op. 2 No. 1. It's a complex piece with undertones of rebellion. You have caught the energy. The piece is raw and holds nothing back. At 15 one could not be any other way. One is not composing 'for' anyone, but simply composing - the critics are yet to come, and the way their voicings shape the music. What I love about this passionate piece is the experience you bring to it. You bring a depth. You bring years of loving to your interpretation. You offer us sympathy, tragedy, warmth, beauty, a life fully lived. Such adoration! Of Scriabin, of this quest we are all on together. Your technical virtuosity shines. You are a amazing, Lena, a maestro! Many thanks for this treasure...

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      A magnificent study of a time in European society when we sought after the perfecting a particular technical skill. And, mirrored in Lena's own wonderful technical skill focused well in the realistic material of continual practice.

    • littleFingers avatar

      Beaucoup de sensibilité et de compréhension dans l'interprétation de cette œuvre de jeunesse de Scriabin. très beau travail Lena. Merci pour le partage. PMC

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      congratulations for this beautiful song, the instruments are well chosen sounds beautiful and interesting, good mix still so good. Hello from falcef in Italy and best wishes for the work and health