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    • dougm_philly avatar
      7 years ago

      ambient metal? - well why not. it is def a thinking man's metal, i'm not even sure if you would call it metal, but it is pumped up guitars. its not hair metal, or nwobhm, but its hard and heavy but thankfully there is not much in annoying shrieking vocals or double bass 4x4 thay detract from the prog metal genre. so what is it -- maybe a harder edged explosions in the sky or this is what you get when marry post-rock with the likes of porcupine tree from their more edgier days.

    • Assassin47 avatar
      7 years ago

      Great stuff man I used your song on this video check it out.

    • Jimmont avatar
      7 years ago

      Great album congratulatios, greetings

    • FRIMMELjoe avatar
      7 years ago

      Really good Album,progressiv ambient instrumental metal,like this,my Favo is Song Nr.5!