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Guests of the Water Planet

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    • Zeuqram avatar

      Ni que hablar del master Peer Gynn, eres un gran genio, y en esta canción destaca todo, como debe de ser en una buena banda donde se conjuga la union de los integrantes, la habilidad de crear, de unir diferentes propuestas musicales en una sola y dar por resultado una magnifica cancion. Al oirla por primera vez, si podria sonar como trozos de canciones unidas entre sí pero aun así como musicos sabemos lo dificil que es lograr hacer esa fusión y sobre todo lograr esa continuidad. Maravillosa rola Felicidades.

    • Metabarao avatar

      Outra música belíssima do Ear3. Mais uma vez, eles juntam vários estilos musicais em apenas uma composição, indo do hard rock para o fusion, utilizando teclados "oitentistas" e belos dedilhados de piano. Cada instrumentista tem o seu momento, e a bela arte de capa vem em alta resolução. Recomendado!

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar

      This is one of the first Bands that I listened to here on Jamendo. And from the first chord of The Encounter I was hooked. This band is beyond average in the way that the nearest star is beyond our ability to explore it. I have greatly appreciated their awesome music on my playlist. The Composition in question starts out with a wonderful ambience that draws you in and maintains your attention . ( Not that that is a problem with music like this ! ) Then the guitar , that wonderful guitar super glues your attention . The transitions from metal to jazz or rock to jazz are perfect. Not too much time is spent with a particular genre which is the cherry on top . For anyone who likes instrumental music that has not heard this band before... Pick a song ... Any song....I don't care which one, any one of them will do Wonderfuly. Play spin the bottle if necessary ..Just pick one and play it. You will NOT be disappointed . You will also notice that I am not blowing smoke out my..! This band is highly talented and are not afraid to show it . They know all the tricks on making some of the finest music that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to . If I was to have a complaint at all... it is a BIG ONE !!! It's that I see no LP's to buy . Maybe it's time to make a compilation with one or two more songs instead of all these singles . The artwork is always wonderful and I especially like it for this particular piece. Keep up the magic guy's . It music like this, that is always a delight to discover and rediscover every time it's played.

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      The musical style ranges from straight rock to some sort of fusion of genre's that is very, very well done. I really look forward to hearing more from this artist.

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      Consigliata e da consigliare