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The second Symphony of Betrayal Jamendo Music album cover

The second Symphony of Betrayal

Razvan Veina
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    • m_masters avatar
      7 years ago

      A nice piece of piano influenced music which flowed with strings, wind and others while conveying a sense of calm and piece. The flow shifted very slightly throughout but always held the same soft form in the theme. The piano's presence was often nearly hidden as the theme moved but it was always there. A great instrument for chilling out.

    • SouthOMike avatar
      7 years ago

      "The Second Symphony of Betrial" is one of the singles that might be played in a series of other singles to put me into a relaxed state. The piano work is good, but did hear a few miskeys, perhaps this happened due to the introduction of another layer at that particular moment. Otherwise, good work. "Simfonia a doua de Betrial" este unul dintre single-uri care ar putea fi jucat într-o serie de alte single-uri sa ma pus într-o stare relaxată. Lucrarea pian este bun, dar a auzi un miskeys câteva, poate acest lucru sa întâmplat din cauza introducerii de un alt strat, la acel moment special. În caz contrar, lucru bun.

    • Voris Bian avatar
      7 years ago

      J'ai bien aimé. Peut-être aimerez-vous mon dernier album aussi : il y a des similitudes, même si le mien sonne plus jazz que classique.