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    • MrCicarius avatar

      un plaisir pour les oreilles. ça nous prouve que le métal n'est pas QUE brutal (même si dans cette musique il y a la petite dose de violence qu'il faut faire ressortir le tout) continuez a partager cette musique librement :D

    • gramoun_kal avatar

      I've been listening to this album almost non-stop for a month. This is not an impulse-review. The. voice. is. awesome. It is the most beautiful voice in melocdic metal that I have ever heard. And I heard a lot. It is capable, powerful when power is needed, playful at times, with a very pleasant tone. Sometimes, you *hear* her smiling. Play any of the songs and you'll instantly know what I mean. I can never get tired of hearing that voice. Now the funny thing is that it is not the voice that is most awesome on this album. It is the compostion. Whoever is writing the music is a fine conoisseur of the genre, and has quite a gift for it. Songs like "Starfall", "Orphanage" and "Fear" have a soul of their own. Within the limits of the genre, each song is a little gem. I only wish they were not so within the genre. The composition lacks a lot of originality. There is not much in the way of surprises. Fix the Paypal link. And add Flattr and Bitcoin. Let us help.

    • Toni_Link avatar

      Em nenhuma das faixas encontrei algo ruim, tudo bem composto. Excelente trabalho, parabéns!

    • elmaniakoo avatar

      Dobre riffy, doskonały wokal, cóż - gorąco polecam

    • 1minute2fate avatar

      Schöne Stimme, schöne Melodien. wenns noch epischer wäre, wärs die volle Punktzahl! So auf jeden Fall ein Highlight hier auf Jamendo ;)