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Peristalsis Jamendo Music album cover
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      Absolutely electronic friend...Love the melody and clarity of the sound...I am a new Jamendo user and I compose pure instrumentals .Check out my album and let me know your feedback

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      This took a while to worm itself into my brain, becuase it's a bit more downtempo than most of the music I like. But I'm really enjoying it! It's primarily low-key, contemplative electronica, but there's a lot of variety between tracks and some creative use of vocal samples. Reminds me a little bit of Psapp and a little bit of Boards of Canada. =:) To the Sun, Kajka, Cluster, and Titania were my favorite tracks.

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      I really like this album. Each track tells us a little story and there is a lot of different moods in that music which is very rich. Thanks for sharing!