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On Why Dark Goes Orange, Chapter I

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    • Pyro MX avatar

      I had this album in my favorites for a while now and I keep listening to it, especially when I have work to do or when I want to relax - I find the tracks well suited for background, non obstrusive ambience. The first track, "Edger", is my favorite (followed by the last track, "Darker"). The track is lengthy, but somehow doesn't sound repetitive. It gives me a "floating into space" kind of feeling. The track "Traveler" features more high-pitched notes - I sometimes skip it. For me, it kind of breaks the ambiance created by the other tracks. Overall, very nice album!

    • .yankee avatar

      Soothing, well-composed... Real pleasure to hear!

    • ojay2001 avatar

      This is exactly the kind of stuff that gets you up and going again on your way home after a long hard day working. Perfectly crafted soundscapes, melodies from outa space and always something new to discover in the background. You know your stuff and you know it well. :-)

    • AshevilleDoug avatar

      Man, Terex really knows how to do it! Crazy smooth blended with great tempo. This is super chill without ever turning new age. The brilliantly dispersed way down tempo sections consistently segues to nice subtle beat driven sections. The piece is beautiful when heard in the original continuous version.Thanks Terex.

    • Paul H avatar
      @ wrote

      I have just looked through my reviews and I can't believe I hadn't written one for any of Kammerer's albums up until now. For that oversight I can only apologise, and here is a review to put that right. Kammerer doesn't do bad albums, end of story! Download any one of them and you are in for a treat. Cool, chillin', groovy, laid back - any or all of these descriptions apply. Ultimate late night listening. 'On Why Dark Goes Orange' is no exception. Thank You for sharing your music Kammerer. Top notch work - keep it up!