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From Mars To Earth

Joost Egelie
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    • 7 years ago

      Quest'album potrebbe avere un valore "didattico" circa l'uso appropriato delle timbriche elettroniche, che qui la fanno da padrone. Tutto è infatti basato su pochi accordi, dominano le tonalità minori a scurire i quadri sonori, mentre le pulsazioni ritmiche e le textures dei pads danno vita e suggestione al mosaico. A suo modo equilibrato, e perfetto.

    • 8 years ago

      Very futuristic and exciting. I felt a sense of urgency with the rapid pace of "Docking" and I kept having an urgent sensation that things were happening . . . and it gave me chills as it pulled this listener into the drama and frenzy of the adventure. I liked the whole concept of the album and the music fit the story as it progressed. The melodies were well chosen by the artist and vivid pictures were thoughtfully painted into the mind's eyes of the listener. I think I liked "Back Home" the best with its populous and happy sounds and the personality of the melody was just very upbeat. Exciting - Wolfsong P.S. The world always needs love and indeed, "Now More Than Ever." What an awesome, heart touching song . . .

    • 8 years ago

      If "The World needs Love, now more than ever!", then ..... I love this album !!! :)