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FLY (Acoustic) - Single

Kunal Datta
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    • Gaby Cardoso avatar
      7 years ago

      Very nice single, cool, refreshing, with a very nice and warm voice and guitars, nice lyric and the touches of percussion give it a special ambient too. Cheers from Argentina!

    • fireflyrocks avatar
      7 years ago

      I like this song. Very cleverly written and good in it's simplicity.

    • craigjohnson avatar
      7 years ago

      This track is very nice, guitar sound is cool, voice of artist is very superb, but if you add drums. Then, this track will become Awesome. Good Work! I Like it!.

    • SouthOMike avatar
      7 years ago

      This is a very easy going song, not a lot of frills or fancy guitar riffs, but by gosh, it is a very good song! No fancy effects needed, heavy drum beats or extreme vocal harmonizing... Well done, young man! यह एक बहुत ही आसान रहा, तामझाम या फैंसी गिटार riffs के एक बहुत कुछ नहीं गाना है, लेकिन भगवान के द्वारा, यह एक बहुत अच्छा गाना है! नहीं फैंसी की जरूरत प्रभाव, भारी ड्रम धड़कता है ... या अतिवादी मुखर तालमेल अच्छा किया, युवक!

    • falcefra avatar
      7 years ago

      Song ok Beauty voice ok Very nice bye bye