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Cavern..., Rock World Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Tadek59 avatar

      Nice music and sound !

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      'Cavern..., Rock World', is a five track, Techno-Electronica Ambient album. Five, Fantastically, Fabulous Techno(Lively, Melodic, Sound Effect Laden Aspects)-Electronica Ambient(Laid back, Lyrical and "Esoteric" Aspects)Songs that seem to come out of "Nowhere". In my opinion, the Album's Title 'Cavern..., Rock World' may lead some Listeners to believe the Collection will be just another "New Age-ish", sit in the dark and chill out on the couch type of Music and NOTHING could be further from the Truth. The Five Songs Fire On ALL Cylinders. Stylistically, Tracks Range from Mellow( Track #2. 'Cavern..., Rock World(Chill Version)' with its slow Tempo, Soft Electric Keyboard Melody to Dramatically the Soundtrack-esque-(Track #5. 'Cavern...,Rock World(Reprise)' which Supplements a Tight, Precise and somewhat Bouncy Melody with Lyrical Synth Keyboard and Running Water( as in Cave Springs or Lake Effects). One of the More Unique Features in this Collection is how all the tracks are tied together with a Male voice over, 'Rock World' utterance that slips in and out of all the songs in a Ghostly Fashion. Likewise, the "Moving Water" Effect is sampled in at intervals and makes for a Interesting and Original Signature. Overall, Melodic and Lyrical Techno Music that is extremely Satisfying.

    • Sestero avatar

      Muy buen disco, las melodias y las atmósferas realmente te transportan. Muy guapo, felicidades tiu.

    • Dmitriy Samoylenko avatar

      Я прослушал несколько ваших работ и хочу отметить,что вы очень хороший мелодист.Вашу музыку очень приятно слушать.Спасибо,что делитесь творчеством.=)

    • Hiddeminside avatar

      Muy bien la composicion de piano con su delay y reverb muy buenas notas.. perfecto album,,.