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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      [just a note: Everything I've wrote within review of album Kompositsia I applies to all Kompositsia series, so for overall characteristics refer there. I tend to think of Kompositsia like it was one multi-disk album.] Number four. Many artists start to loose the juice at third release, but it is certainly not the case here. I can listen to this album whole day (after more of a year familiarizing with it) and still not get bored. I think I even learned some words of the language. Once again great sense of rhythm, performance skills and musical imagination -- to push onto us all the new klang, squeezing all of thew instrumentation not even coming close to any electronic tricks other than echo/reverb. This time (or maybe it is pure accident) the tunes are sorted into album in fast one--slow one style, ending with quite remarkable progmetal tune Under bleeding skies, so good, that my dear Elmyra said, it must be a cover. But it for sure isn't. Overall: decent album, eight stars [++++++--].

    • chiara-maria avatar
      6 years ago

      mezuyan <3

    • v_2e avatar
      6 years ago

      A very nice album performed on a high professional level. Especially I liked the "Mediterranean Moondance". Thaks! :)

    • C.P. Prowler avatar
      7 years ago

      I have not heard rock in hebrew before! I am fully pleased with the sound of the album both in the quality of the sound itself and the players and singer. I am especially fond of the songs Gam Babker and Al Kanfei especially the violin! keep up the good work guys!

    • pierromix avatar
      7 years ago