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Cor Metallicum Jamendo Music album cover
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      Legendary :-) My favourite coding music...

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      I was sure than few time later your song will be more mature ! This new album was completly more intersting... Piloting the NES soundchip still rocks, but melodies sounds realy more pro and could be matched again best NES tracks. The album also propose a voyage in your 8bits game imagination... Well done !

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      Это настоящие рок-баллады... в 8 бит!!! Я покорён...

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      Cor Metallicum genuinely sounds like it was pulled from an old Megaman game, and that's possibly the biggest compliment I could give an album such as this. The Misadventure Begins sets an awesome tone for the rest of the album, showing off a confident, loud and bouncy tune. The rest of the album follows suit extraordinarily well and doesn't fail to impress. Some blues-ey tracks, some a little samey, but that's really the only complaint. One thing is guaranteed, all of the songs are bouncy, fast-paced and awfully good. Hats off to you, Sir.