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    • littleFingers avatar
      7 years ago

      when it comes to Brenda Clews's poetry, it is an hallucinatory but so real journey through words, senses, dreams, realities, raw material, universal feelings, quest and love you experience. She takes your hand for you to hear the artistic wind blowing in her words, flying on the musics she chose in Jamendo musical trunk. Don't miss that one. PMC

    • jazzub avatar
      7 years ago

      Brenda this is an incredible piece of work ! From the first piece Disappearing, i was captivated. The layering and effects of your voice are so powerful and fit so well to each piece of music you chose. I love the primitive feel of Drumbeat and the dark tones of Glynt amd Ink Oceon is a masterpiece of emotion and creativity. Excellent work !!

    • orangeupurple avatar
      7 years ago

      Exceptional, Brenda . .. you did yourself proud . .. sharing strong emotions, sensitivities and feelings; reaching into that deepest parts of our souls . . . drawing out that longing for communication and understanding through your poetry and choices of music and the projection of your vocal readings.. .. "Drumbeat" was stunning in its powerful expressions . . . dragging us into the steaming, mysterious heartbeat of the human chest . . . a jungle of longing and emotion, fear and wonder . . . the innervation of humanity . . . "Glint" was another that was astonishingly moving . . . sensitive and fraught with harrowing feelings and vocal inflections along with the instrumental sounds . . . extraordinary! I also loved the beauty and awe of "Starfire in the Night" and also the meaningful and ambiguous "Salt of the Sea." And I loved all your other poems, sharing the interpretations of the feelings and thoughts that are part of what makes up Brenda Clews . . . touching our souls and hearts with your artistic expressions . . . Thank you for sharing your excellent album . . . - Wolfsong

    • SouthOMike avatar
      7 years ago

      All tracks have their strong points, Brenda. Poetry is never easy to set to music, but you have accomplihed this daunting task. The volume issue do saturate at times, but not at all times. Music choices fit well for your style. Great work, Ms Clews!

    • Arisenprodigy avatar
      7 years ago

      I turned this on while I was tinkering with some photos from Ireland and found myself less and less focused on tinkering and more engaged with what I had placed for some ambiance. For me, it takes a few listens of an album before it graduates to my complete attention. By the Time Hieroglyphic of Purple Lotuses started, I was fully focused. My strengths unfortunately don't include poetry, so there isn't much for me to say about it other than it was thought provoking, enticing, rhythmic, and captivating for me to experience. You did a wonderful job finding the music to go with your work on here and am interested in your future/past projects.