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The last sunset Jamendo Music album cover
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    • AngelVox avatar

      La musica de Mirco Dj es fantastica, suave, melodica, relajante, positiva. Gracias por compartirla y dejarla tener en mi lista de musica favorita. Thanks for share it Mirco. Congrats.

    • animus_ avatar

      Przyjemna rytmiczna muzyka. Pewnie nie tylko do tańca. Bardzo dziękuję za udostępnienie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!:) m.

    • mauro56 avatar

      bravo mirco, questo tuo lavoro mi piace. complimenti!

    • orangeupurple avatar

      Gorgeous! I loved "thanks to you live" which was so upbeat with a wonderful tempo and then bursting like bubbles . .. exploded all over the place with the joyous, chatty bass . . . The keyboarding was consistently expressive . . . and the whole was effervescent with happiness . . . this one made me smile! Don't tell my feet to stop dancing around as I listen to "The last sunset" . . . the title sounds so sad and melancholic but the melody made my heart feel as if it had wings . . . beautiful . . . I can guarantee that any sad soul who happens to be listening to this song, either version, will be perked up and filled with a little joy. I recommend this song for your New Year's Eve parties . . . especially version three which has a smooth dance component to it . . . M^^W

    • jeepease avatar

      l'arrangement est cool ,il y a quelque chose !