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A Winter's tale

Budapest Dream Orchestra
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    • 7 years ago

      Bocs,te magyar vagy? Hihetetlenül jó amit csináltál!Nekem is van egy IPod toutch-om,áruld el légyszi milyen progival lehet ilyen jó zenéket csinálni? Amennyiben csak angolul értesz: What kind of Apple progs You maked this awesome music? StAdam

    • 8 years ago

      Nice melodies, great ambient peacefulness. . . catchy beats . . .a little on the jazzy side at times which adds a sparkle that otherwise wouldn't be there . . .. overall very creative for ambient . . . and quite beautiful . . . I particularly enjoyed all the little surprising touches added into all these pieces. I found this music to have some unique aspects which was refreshing and enjoyable. I was just stunned . . . blown away . . . that the artist created all this on an iPhone . . .wow??? - M^^W -