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Noises In My Head

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    • Mistypuppy12 avatar

      This is pretty BORING I rate a 0: Unbearable. :/ Not worth it.

    • angus65 avatar

      album di buona fattura. ricorda tanto la musica psichedelica anni 70.

    • pattoutseul avatar

      Oui, il faut être vraiment spirituellement en phase pour apprécier cet album ! ben moi, j'aime bien ! point !

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Everyday has a series of pitches to it, that constantly ring in my head and the day I will have is reflected in that inner intonation. At first, I wasn't so keen, lyrics tend to put me off my music. Then, a development in the first track seemed to strike a chord within me and it kept playing as it turned into a sense of being that I could associate with. Evocative and plaintively melodic. Somewhat sombre but it suits me right now. It doesn't always rain on rainy days. If it's a question of the weather, I'm soaked to the skin and freezing cold. As for the title of the first track, Come Back, it makes me wonder what I want to come back. Hope for a future that didn't happen perhaps, long tracks give me too much time to reflect and write this stuff, sorry. It's that kind of music though, it invokes daemons into action and animates them vociferously. Creating thinking/feeling space. I'm not much of a sun lover anyway. I can appreciate Zoroastrianism but I don't need to worship anything. There is little that good, to summon my abeyance. Gets a bit crowded towards the end of the track and a touch more assertive. But I ended up liking it for the most part! The River of the Dream, shorter with a similar sense of movement to the first track, though I suspect it's the theme. A true experiment in sound and possible configurations. The flow of a psychotic consciousness, wailing and gnashing of teeth. This comes to a head with an internal tempestuousness in the brilliant following track. Talk about making a rod for my own back. Self-flagellation was quite popular some years ago. Good stamina evident in this piece. Nicely constructed and executed. Ariel on guitar!-) Inner Guitars I can appreciate, having once played badly in reality, the dream was always much better but it just comes from the soul, which is good. How that reflects on my soul is another matter, but I was a good drummer. Cool little track. Inner Rhythm has a gorgeous start, melting into your ear channels and endeavouring to convey exactly what my angle on the Inner Guitars was, introverted percussion maybe is my forte. I would drum for hours dreaming I was Budgie. This has more the feel of Billy Cobham, to be fastidious. After a while the loose, meandering sounds tighten up, only to change musical timbre and reverts to little paths of creation that lead to no one knows where. It is like being presented with a point of bifurcation and having a myriad of possible parallel universes to sonically explore. I think it manages to get quite a few in, so to speak. In some respects it is tormenting, like one of Dante's circles, but maybe that's part of the point of the stick work herein. Such glimpses of parallelism, prevent it becoming soporific. Time, the great healer. The incessant flow, which is just as well for all the suffering. Either way, it presents the listener with a more easily palatable track, though still vastly spacious and overtly psychedelic. Like the soundtrack of every day I struggle to muddle through. Protracted purgatory, which is the point. It works out pretty well. To the short, Sursaut. Now I'm reminiscing! Nice mash of a track. Which leaves Inner Voices, sounds like Gong's Flying Teapot, one of my all time favourite albums. Lovely stuff, not like my inner world but even the demential core of our soul is necessarily subjective when under investigation, else how are we to interpret it? I wish my skull resounded with such dreamy lightness of existentialism. Sad but true, but who cares. Epic album of creative expression. Nice work, long thoughts.

    • abalabanb avatar

      Voilà désolé, comme dit dans le titre je n'ai pas accroché du tout, mais alors pas du tout, c'est vraiment trop 'déconstruit' pour moi. On peut pas dire que ce soit une musique accessible, les morceaux sont trop longs pour attirer le néophyte....