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Northern Lights

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    • 7 years ago

      This album was very appealing to me and the music was pleasant to listen to as it was endowed with unusual aspects that kept it interesting and away from the generic ambient tag. Each song had wonderful nuances that used a broad spectrum of sounds, interspersed like constellations in the sky . . . . which generated a marvelous listen. It was hard for me to pick a favorite but if I was forced . . . I would say that the peaceful "Piano Dream" held the most attraction for me . . . simply because it was so gorgeous. I thought that the tune, "Tones Comforter" made me think of some of the video games I liked to play in the past. . . very nice. My only complaint in regards to this album is that it was too short . . . - M^^W -

    • 7 years ago

      'Northern Lights', is a four track, New Age-Trance-Ambient album. This collection reminds me of a compilation done for CBS Records(although released on Compact Disc) approximately 1982 for a PBS(Public Broadcasting System)--USA-Documentary on the Arctic. The title of the Disc was "Seascapes" or something to that effect and featured all Synthesized Mood Songs. In my opinion, though much smaller, this album is a SUPERIOR Representation of the same environment. Track #1. 'Northern Lights', starts with a moderately fast tempo which sets the "Frosty" Mood of the album. Oddly, there is a Digeridoo-like sound which is more associated with warmer topics that works very well in this song. Listen for snazzy synth keyboard solos through out this collection as well as appropriately phantom-like vocals in Track #4. 'Sami Joik'. The track may remind you of either "Rabbit Proof Fence or The Whale Rider" soundtracks. Pretty "Hot Stuff" for a Frosty Themed album.