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    • dirty dj avatar
      7 years ago

      quinze jours d'absence je rentre à la maison et je découvre ce ep des beat ninetie's un son à la valérie dore j'ai rajeuni de vingt ans pas de doute i feel so good bonne surprise

    • vigooo avatar
      7 years ago

      Entre lo pop y el "Italian sound". Buenos temas, sobretodo el primero. Una voz bonita, sin duda, sin embargo, para mi gusto, incluso en este estilo, un Bpm un "poquito" más alto, aunque sea con la misma pegada.. No sé, en fin, buen trabajo

    • mariotron avatar
      7 years ago

      Molto personale ,non sei mai banale,continua così.Vedo che hai buone qualità.Ciao. In english:you have good quality!

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'So Good', is a two track, Pop-Disco-Dance-Crossover album. As the album title states: This twosome is Sooo Good. It absolutely does make you want to Dance and Sway! Musically, the foundation of the Sound has a very Italian Feel but from the Disco Era of the late 1970s with a mixture of Synth keyboards mated to an Exotic and electronically altered Female vocal. The tempo and rhythm is similar to the music of Kano( I'm Ready and Super Extra Sexy Sign'). The 21st Century's more advanced Synthesizer technology only adds to the albums Dance Sound by giving the work a updated freshness and variety the older generation of Technology did not possess. No two ways about it: this album is Smokin' Hot!

    • SouthOMike avatar
      7 years ago

      Damn, girl, if you didn't Dare To Be Different! Not that I had any problems with your piano work, but this definately steps outside of the box. "Ordinary" is all but that. The unusual voice bending gets away from the overworked vocoder sound that Cher started with Believe. "So Good", hmmm, I do wonder what you may have been talking about...wink wink. Great job, Zxoie, now put some more up for us to drool, I mean, listen to!