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Rocanrol Miserable (Demos)

The Soul-Punk Orchestra
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    • 7 years ago

      'Rocanrol Misrable (Demos)', is a Spanish Language, 9 track, 1960s-Style(Psychedelic) Rock Album. The music contained in this album has a very Late 1960s--Rock Sound: Twangy Electric Guitar, Electric Organ, Drum Kit. Add to this Minor Chords, Spanish Lyrics and you have a very Nice- Rockin' Collection. Track #1. 'Maquina Del Tiempo', features both female and male vocals backed by a very sweet Electric Organ'. The female vocalists sing with a uniquely piercing Tone while the Male executes a Counter Point Melody and this combination definitely inspires you to listen further. Track #6. 'I am', really Rocks the Suped Up Amp style Electric Guitar and the male vocalist(s) introduce English Lyrics. In my opinion this track sounds very similar to the Rolling Stones style. Track #7. 'Queridos Reyes Magos', Flat Out Thumps. Nothing more need be said. :D Overall this album feels somewhat like a Soundtrack Time Warped from a "Hippie Movie" of the 6os Era and in this case that is a very Good Thing.

    • 7 years ago

      El rock miserable lo hemos pillao pa la Radio Copyleft Gracias por compartir!!!