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Kompozitsia I

Avi Rosenfeld
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    • PrinceRupert avatar
      7 years ago

      Nice piece of instrumental rock music! Good band of great musicians.

    • bizun_ avatar
      7 years ago

      >De wat? A strange place to find a classic rock album in Israel. But since we are all (and I mean ALL, including the developing countries, through OLPC project) a global village, it is surprising, but not strange. So what's that about? When Avi PM'ed me on Jamendo to have a look into his works, I've moaned something like "oh no, not another Klezmer band" as all the dreydlekhim and krethkim lately became a bit over-popular within jazz musicians in Europe and Klezmer ensembles spawned out of nowhere in overwhelming number and spread through all the clubs with live music, making it almost impossible to hear a genuine blues/jazz jam in Warsaw. BUT -- first few seconds of the album made all my worries away. A genuine rock, blues and jazz. Sometimes interleaved with slight eastern-Mediterranean (Levant is the right term?) motives, just to spice things up, sung sometimes in English, but mostly in modern Hebrew. A hamburger, but with olives and sumac spice: Seems strange at first glance, but tastes surprisingly good, and You want more. Vocals are a bit thin, but compositions and arranges together with lyrics, not to mention instrument skills are pure art. And what I admire, are the organisational skills of the composer and producer: some pieces involve up eleven persons to record (not counting the one at the console). Yes, most of the album is done by overdubbing, but I'm pretty sure, they could assemble to give a concert. If not -- then I'm pretty sure, that Avi and Enrico alone could entertain public for whole night at Clob Rock at Racławicka street in Warsaw. My favourites? Yesh Li Shiba and Horef, but that does not say, the other tracks are any worse. Eight stars [++++++++--].

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Kompozitsia I', is a 12 track, Classic Rock-Blues-Ethnic(Hebrew) Crossover album. Avi Rosenfeld, is a Artist who never fails to please the ear with his Interpretation and Arrangement of Classic Rock, Blues and even Accents of Country & Western and Rhythm & Blues. Add Hebrew Lyrics, which depending on where you reside on Earth can come be quite Exotic and Refreshing in such well Established and Familiar Genre as those mentioned. Track #1. 'LomarEtZePashunt(Say It Simply)', Starts the Show with Solid Acoustic Voices, String Bass, Violin, Piano. Drum Kit and, of course, Ample and Splendid, Male (Hebrew)Vocals. Track #2. 'OhevOta (Love Her)', is Thundering Rock-A-Billy. Piano played Honky Tonk Style, Endless Guitar Harmony backed by String Bass. More Power Vocals mixed with Percussion and End Result is a Slighty Retro Composition. Track #3. 'YeshLiSiba( I Have A Reason)', is a Strong Guitar-Vocal Duet that creates a Smooth, Mellow, Ballad with Subtle C & W overtones. Definitely a Good Whiskey Drinking Song. Track #5. 'Horef(Winter)', Extended Guitar and Drums Extended Intro paves the way for a Hebrew Rock Song Chock Full of Minor Chords; perfect for Night Cruising. Track #7. 'ElKivunLoYadua(Unknown Direction)', is Violin, Guitar and Velvet Vocals. Nuff Said. :D Track #10. 'OneThingBaby', is Classic Rock with Electric Organ, Guitar, String Bass and English Lyrics. Track #12. 'AngelsInWhite', Is ROCK! Electric Guitar Rules with Minor Chord Wails and Howls mixed with Pounding Drum and English--Raspy Voiced Acid Lyrics. The Track simply Rolls on and on. This album, differs, in my opinion, slightly from the 4th Kompozitsia Album in being less Style Diverse otherwise you are still in for a Rockin'Good Time Avi Style. :D

    • Mawr Gorshin avatar
      7 years ago

      Though one has to know Hebrew to understand most of the lyrics to these songs, music is a universal language: there's quite a variety of musical styles and instrumentation to keep the listener interested, so the language barrier shouldn't be a problem.

    • mihkay avatar
      7 years ago

      I've not listened to Avi's albums in chronological order so finally hearing the first one in the series has been a pleasure. I can once again say, whilst being a very talented writer and guitarist he constantly surrounds himself with quality musicians and the production is excellent. This album is an eclectic mix of styles and forms, both modern and traditional.From "Parisian" style jazz to gentle ballads all the way to good old "shit-kicking country", language is no barrier to quality. You can feel this is music from the heart. Even though I for the most part couldn't comprehend a word.... I feel.... :-) I particularly loved track 6 "Ani Mode Lach". Moving with a beautiful flute / string arrangement. Nice one Avi.