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Instrumentals Vol 1 Jamendo Music album cover

Instrumentals Vol 1

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    • Mistertrufa avatar
      7 years ago

    • Vampduck avatar
      7 years ago

      It isn't often that the first track I listen to on Jamendo is a keeper. I usually have to hunt and peck for a while until I find a piece of music that speaks to my soul. Today, however, the first piece I listened to (Cirque du Lune part 1) caught my heart! I'm in love!

    • sonnenjagd avatar
      7 years ago

      "Balls out" ist mein bisheriges Lieblingsstück. Das Album ist interessant und hält immer Überraschungen bereit. Hörenswert... anders eben!

    • rekrapenator avatar
      7 years ago

      slow, rhythmical and melancholic..gentle sunny slumbering

    • spisfire avatar
      7 years ago

      Un album qui s'écoute très bien avec tout le talent d'AZOORA, mais il me manque quand même sa superbe voix !