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love shaped spade Jamendo Music album cover
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    • pierromix avatar

      Bonne capture du "Live" Soul/Rock Nice music !

    • Sonic Mystery avatar

      Progressive metal riffs in the first song and strong ambient emotions in the second one! Thank you for sharing your music with me!

    • sarahyudistira avatar

      I love the first song! Very unique guitar melody and voice. And reff section is so rough and emotional! Cool!

    • mr mamadou avatar

      once again a great inventive sounding on this!! "love.." is a energyzer one with hot fuzzy guitar and deep bass line! "counting.." have a nice drum set and very deep bass line too! also love the key pattern! great stuff! keep up the good sound! big up vermilla!

    • Mawr Gorshin avatar

      I particularly liked 'Love Shaped Spade': it has some killer guitar riffs in it!