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Shedneryan Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Alberto Cortés Yañez avatar
      4 years ago

      Hacía mucho tiempo que no escuchaba una composición de este calibre. El concepto me recuerda a las suites de una hora sin interrupción que hacía el amigo Oldfield. Pero en el concepto ya que shedneryan tiene su propia personalidad. Gracias Subirana, eres un músico impresionante!

    • Scinonics avatar
      5 years ago

      This is the best I've ever heard in my life!The majestic sound. Eternal melody. This is a high-concept album. Bravo!

    • samissomar avatar
      6 years ago

      Master Roger Subirana with this work has reached the top of the mystic mountain...This is obsviously a Work of Art that everyone should listen carefuly not only once,but for several times,because each time you listen to it,you get new sensations in each little sounds. It's a wonder in every sense...A Must!... Samissomar

    • Bear_ avatar
      6 years ago

      These beautiful melodies are linked, entwined and rearranged to form an hour of sheer bliss. Words can't describe how wonderful this is. Congratulations Roger... this is a masterpiece!

    • Solonar avatar
      6 years ago

      Smooth melody. Nice mix of instruments. I can see a different scene everytime I listen to this.