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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Waiting For ada', is a four track, Italian( w/some English) language, Pop-Rock album. This album is exactly what the Review states: Pop with a Rock Influence set to Italian lyrics. Track #2. 'The Chestnut Tree', is a Mellow-Middle of the Road Ballad. Synth Strings, a mixture of Acoustic-Electric Guitar and subdued Percussion are the Instrumentation. The Male singer sings in both Italian and English. The song has a "One Tree Hill" Vibe. Track #3. 'Come La Neve', is Soft Rock-Pop with Piano taking lead then accompanied by the Male Singer. Electric Guitar shortly give life to the Soft-Rock Sound. This song, in my opinion, sounds very much like Music heard at American/Canadian High School proms. Track #4. 'Snow In May', is a Sweet, Uncomplicated Guitar Semi-Instrumental. The Mood is Introspective and Contemplative although as the track winds down the Energy Level is Upped a bit. This track is also Dual Language. Track #1. 'Fotografie', starts the album with a Solid Rock Sound and Well Sung Lyrics by the Male lead Singer. Fans of pronounced Electric Guitar and Rock Rhythms will enjoy the song immensely. Overall, a Fine of Balance of Power and Emotion wrapped with a Pop-Rock Bow.

    • Tadek59 avatar
      7 years ago

      Excellent vocal and good sound ! Thanks for share Tom Petit

    • Roussin Christophe avatar
      7 years ago

      superbe !!! j'adore !!! merci !!! et un petit partage avec mes quelques amis pour vous donner un petit coup de Tom Pouce lolol

    • Dom The Bear avatar
      7 years ago

      I was nicely surprised by the high quality level the group offers inside its tracks....ok, it's Pop Rock, not a super original one as it's looking like the ones you can find inside the teenies TV serials coming from the USA. Netherleless, inside its own style, it's surely a top one. Guitars glides well, without dominating outrageously the rest. The voice traces its way, without yelling or sleeping, and compositions flow easy....the californian way lol?? I put it in the favorites, not because it's perfect but because there is a high potiential inside....the future way lies surely in more originality inside the Pop Rock style....Grazie mille Ragazzi!!