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Птаха Jamendo Music album cover


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    • anefe avatar
      6 years ago

      Unbelievable mix of rock/metal/ethno/russian speaking and it just works! I had been to their website and buy the album to support the band. My kudos ^^

    • Алексей avatar
      6 years ago

      Жаль что только три песни ато очень понравилось!

    • D-Lev avatar
      6 years ago

      With the rather generic looking cover, it took me a bit of a while to give this album a listen. But when I did, I was absolutely amazed. Only three songs it may be, but all are knocked straight out of the ballpark, exceeding what I've come to think of as commercial quality by a good measure. The third (the title song) alone should be enough to make this band a hit. Seriously, do not let that album cover turn you away. Listen to this!

    • Kanamaelle avatar
      7 years ago

      J'espère que Птаха ne s'arrêtera pas là. Un style particulier qui vaut le détour. Une certaine magie dans cette voix et l'ambiance générale... J'adore.

    • kaczor avatar
      7 years ago

      I want MORE!!!!!!!!!! :>