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    • Qhaddafy avatar

      J.o.e.y. is a bit too repetitive, thank God it's only for 2.43 minutes. Favelas (my fav. track) is good, with somewhat catchy tunes, though it seems (at least to me) desperately needs a lyric. Ginger... well, you probably need to improve your vocal a bit, but the music is okay. Sorry for the hard review ....

    • Stone Pillow avatar

      gli ascolti ti stanno premiando. Bravo! Quando la prossima uscita? -Stone-

    • Dorians Stone avatar

      Chitarrista di gran personalità. Piacevoli pezzi. Bravo! Stone

    • funkyfibres avatar

      Please please can we have more of your music :)

    • otisblues avatar

      BRAVO, Great songs!!!!