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Quanta Jamendo Music album cover
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    • orangeupurple avatar
      7 years ago

      The saxophone is one of my favorite instruments and I found this little album with some joy because it wasn't just a jazzy album but a very creative one . . . the other instruments used in these pieces gave the sax room to shine by balancing the sounds, and yet framed the whole so prettily … This musician was so creative in all of his compositions I found myself listening closely several times. The beautiful saxophone was so lovingly played and felt so golden warm in all four of the songs. The tempo was unhurried and relaxed and the emotions throughout the album was one of optimism and sweet hopeful sentiment. I agree with SelkieSong regarding "Luna" which was gorgeously played with the saxophone in a slow appealing dance with the guitar, so lovely I felt my heart rate slow down and synchronize with the music . . . - M^^W -