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    • Chief Totem avatar
      6 years ago

      Rien de très exceptionnel, mais il y a si peu d'albums Black Metal de qualité sur Jamendo que ça fait du bien d'en entendre un. Un peu plus de technique et d'inventivité, et ce groupe peut devenir prometteur.

    • vempire88 avatar
      6 years ago

      Sinceramente me ha sorprendido la frescura de composicion y espero que sigan por esta senda, tienen futuro...

    • viciarg avatar
      7 years ago

      Well, that's one ride to the nineties: The intro to Zipacna reminded me immediatly of Dimmu Borgir's Inn I Evighetens Morke, and I was scared of a blaming ripoff. But after the guitars, drums and vocals set in, i was thankfully completely transported back to the early nineties, when Black Metal was far from posers, liars and commercial exploitation. The first negative point struck at roughly one minute into the song: The ride bell was far too loud in the mix. Otherwise I had barely noticed the drums not being human-played, but by the dreaded drum computer. Riffing though is good, catchy and plausible, they also know how to play their instruments. Vocals are great and add to the nineties-feeling. The intro to HimntjAl Mictlan also reminds me of another song, but that might be one I wrote myself, so no blaming for this. The pace following is great for slow-moshing. The lead adds to the song, wouldn't it be for that awful loud ride bell. Speedier parts are following and the song gets a little chaotic structure-wise. I like the synths in this, they're nice in the background, not as dominating like in latter (seen from the nineties point of view) releases. Next song's called Infernal Black Metal. That makes place 668 on my List of Black Metal songs with "Black Metal" in its title. Its rather short and starts with a fest of blastbeats, which make a nice diversion from the driving of the first two songs. Riffing is not very varied in this, but one cannot pack so many riffs in two and a half minutes. The last one is Inquisición Satánica. Ensayo translates to rehearsal, and this is it, what it sounds like. The drumcomputer is far too loud, so you can merely guess the riffs and the songs structure. A real recording would have been more appropriate for this song, since that what I can sense of the song sounds very promising. Blastbeats and shredding alternate with slow epic drumming and riffing. The lead guitar is barely noticeable. Result: Nice trip to long forgotten times in the realm of black metal. Very nice to see this one comes not from scandinavia but from mexico, greetings go out to you! A little malus is the nothing-new-point, the ride bell is a big malus. One bonus point for the tits on the cover! 8/10