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Rocks the suped up amp

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    • bemarova avatar
      7 years ago

      Sois dos capullos muy buenos, ya sabes que estoy esperando que me saques de pobre... que le vamos hacer!! tendré que conformarme con ser una mediocre!!! :-(

    • ricodonna avatar
      7 years ago

      bien cool j'aime bien keep on rocking !

    • m_masters avatar
      7 years ago

      "Sad Eyed Girls" I really didn't think much of the vocals on this track. The quality of the main vocals and the harmonies were good, but there was so little variation in the drone that it was bringing me further down than any sad eyed girl could ever do. I know this may be a part of the genre. However, percussion, punching bass, brash guitar riffs and melodies were good on my ear and diverted the main vocals somewhat. "Really rocks the suped up amp" A moving mid-paced percussion with a delicate thumping rhythm and a regular Indy riff carried this very well. The vocalisation delivered well along with the constant drive delivered a forceful energy. "Pornochachas (Really Rocks II)" A good and slightly lighter version than the previous. The vocals were ok here but could have been heard a little better if the level on the microphone was turned up a bit. "R2-D2 Blues" The fast pace with excellent riff driven style produced an energy that could have driven the whole album. The stuttering Rock guitar riff was irresistible to the bones. A great driving excellence. Enjoyable upbeat stuff(even "Sad Eyed Girls" felt too happy to be sad). Apart from the drone I felt from the delivery in this one, I found this very listenable with "R2-D2 Blues" taking the energy to a all new higher level. Also, absolutely top marks for having the lyrics available, and the lyrics for "Sad Eyed Girls" were quite good. I had to force myself to stop signing them(contradictory I know). Good upbeat with Energy.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Rocks the Suped Up Amp', is a four track, Rock-Indie album. I should "recuse" myself from writing this review since I have it on Good Authority that certain Aspects of this album were Inspired by a Pompous,Big Headed, Wind-Bag Music Reviewer on Jamendo.... :-) XD :D Track #1. 'Sad Eyed Yes', is a Good, Old Fashioned Ride on the Guitar Rock Bus. Minor Chords from Twangy Electric Guitar combines with a Male Lead Singer and Excellent Harmony from a Chorus of Back Up Singers All Combine for a Finger Snapping Tune. Track #2. 'Really Rocks The Suped Up Amp', True to it's Title this track keeps the Guitar Rock Vibe going strong. Echo Enhanced Vocal Punctuates the Driving Wail of this Electric Guitar Dominant song. The music is not wild and uncontrolled. In fact it is just the opposite. Guitar and Percussion pushing a Solid Rock Voice. Track #3. 'Pomochachas', Introduces a Female Vocal in Counter Point to the Male Lead and as with Track #2 the Song Resonates with a Slightly Retro Vibe. Track #4, 'R2-D2 Blues', Only Shares the name of a well known robot otherwise--Rockin' the Beat is still the Name of the Game although some Cool, Electronic/Sythn SFX back up the Guitar Voice. Technically this track is Techno-Rock. If you Like Rock or Guitar Rock be it Contemporary or Retro--you will Enjoy this Album. So start downloading and let the "Suped Up amp'-Rock Y-O-U.

    • CRAPULBLUES avatar
      7 years ago

      j'aime beaucoup c'est extra!!!